Spanish tutoring

I'm a experienced Spanish instructor in one on one classes and with small group classes. I'm a native Spanish speaker from Peru where I obtained a degree in Journalism. As part of my journalism studies I took linguistics and grammar courses.

I'm a patient and understanding person, I can handle slow learners and I can increase your vocabulary just by doing simple conversations or by helping with homework. I think I do an interesting and entertaining class for beginners or advanced students.

I have been teaching Spanish on a freelance basis here in the Chicago area and I love doing it. I have been working with highly motivated adults and teenagers on my own in person at a location of their choice usually in a library or cafe or other public place, doing online tutoring and also teaching through some language schools. I can tailor my teaching to your special needs such as for travel or business or school or to improve your employment situation when being bilingual is important.

For the most part I teach using a conversational approach but I recognize that many people are visual learners. If you have already a book I can teach using that book otherwise after the third class I will know what kind of book you need. I am from Peru, so I don't have a strong accent, we talk slow and with an international Spanish or Castillian accent that can be understood in Mexico, Puerto Rico Spain or other Latin countries.

Because I am a self-employed individual my rates are less than half what many language institutes charge. My usual rate is $20 an hour for one on one teaching downtown, on the north side of the city and in the nearby suburbs, $35 for farther suburbs. Farther away my rate may be higher because of the extra travel time and expenses involved.

Group rates are negotiable. Teaching through the internet is also a very effective way to learn Spanish, and can be from all over the world, my rate for internet teaching is $15/hour. This can be done through Yahoo, MSN or Skype. Payments can be made in cash, by check or through Paypal.

I have a Spanish language blog about literature at http://www.inktense.blogspot.com . If you want to know more please write me, Deborah Tveter at deborahtveter@gmail.com.

I will recommend a book according to your needs, and if you really need it. I have two books that show all the common problems for English speaker to handle Spanish:

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